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Capital Flows & the Shift to USA for Taxes

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Since the publication of the Panama Papers, the assets of the wealthy from around the world have been flowing into United States at a sharply increased pace. Tracking capital flows has revealed that capital outflows of liquidity from the EU have distinctly accelerated.

The United States is definitively becoming the replacement for Switzerland. The IRS has even ordered cash sales of real estate in Miami and New York to be investigated to reveal the actual beneficial owners behind corporations.

This trend should increase for our models are warning of a rise in civil unrest throughout Europe. More member states will be driven to hold referendums by the demand of their people. The Brussels government cannot be replaced by any democratic process in Europe and that is very dangerous for it leaves only one way for people to disagree and demand change — through means of force. Even the US Civil War was fought over the denial of the right to separate, and the Supreme Court of the United States maintains there is no “right” to break from the federal government.