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BREXIT is a Watershed for Europe

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Eurozone Breakup

“There’s no way around it: today is a watershed for Europe and the European unity process,” Merkel admitted. Of course, people like Schulz are the entire problem. His arrogance ensures the demise of Europe. He had the audacity to say that there was “no chain reaction” after BREXIT. Once a politician makes a decision, they will NEVER concede error. They will take Europe down with their entire elitist ideas.

We will indeed see rising movements to exit the EU. Their policies are insane and this idea of forcing the federalization of Europe is exposing old wounds. It is not eliminating the threat of European war with one government imposed upon everyone, which was the idea of Hitler and Napoleon. What we are seeing is the fragmentation of Europe. The sooner these referendums come from other states, the better it will be for Europe and the entire world. It is now the only way to save Europe since the people cannot vote to change those in Brussels.

Merkel’s unilateral decision to take in refugees was not a democratic decision at all since she made a decision in which no other country had any power to object. They cannot see that this system is totally anti-democratic and forces the people into a corner with no recourse to change the direction of Europe or their own country. The EU has become a total disaster.