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2017 the Year from Political Hell

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We are entering a period of major political change driven by the economy. This is what has driven our forecasting models as well. This is by no means a personal opinion or a desire on my part to see some sort of upheaval. The entire purpose of providing this type of forecasting is to PROVE that when you mess with the economy, you create chaos that can lead to revolution domestically as well as international war.

The U.S. press has adopted a new agenda. There were quiet phone calls being made that complained they created Trump by giving him too much attention. So what we saw in headlines for Super Tuesday was this precise shift in the press away from Trump to lead the story with Hillary. It will not be until June when we reach the California primary where it is a winner take all battled for 172 delegates.

Frauke Petry

In Germany, the right wing has captured the popular vote. The leader of Germany’s right-wing Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) is Frauke Petry and she is celebrating huge gains in three regions. This is the beginning of the end for Chancellor Angela Merkel following the refugee crisis.

BREXIT On Schedule

BREXITIn Britain, the get out of the EU (BREXIT) movement is in high-gear. People are out and about, handing out leaflets that basically say if you want to be part of the EU, then cross the channel and join them.

BREXIT is right on schedule. Britain only joined in 1973. The interesting aspect has been that people are pointing to Switzerland as the example that you can be outside the EU, and not just survive, but flourish.

Of course, not even the Swiss people are aware that their political leaders had filed a petition to join. Why not. They surrendered all sovereignty to Brussels over banking, ending their secrecy laws that were imposed. Hitler had also made it a crime to have money outside of Germany like FATCA does to Americans. So ever so quietly, Switzerland’s National Council voted to withdraw an application to join the EU. 

So we are indeed just four elections away from complete chaos: (1) BREXIT, (2) U.S. Presidental Election, (3) Germany’s election, and (4) the French elections.