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Eugenics in Europe – Women with Disabilities Forcibly Sterilized

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The year is 2023 — our top leaders cannot define the term “woman,” so why should they be protected? We know about the ongoing eugenics program in Canada under the expansion of MAID, but no one discusses the forced sterilization of girls and women across the European Union. Yes, the European Union. People are in an uproar over abortion and how other countries treat women, but the West is a top human rights offender.

Women with disabilities may be forcibly sterilized across the European Union. Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Poland are the only countries that have criminalized the practice, with Spain also banning the practice in 2020. Portugal, Hungary, and the Czech Republic permit parents to sterilize their daughters without consent. “It is a very cruel form of domination, both of sexuality and reproduction,” María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, Member of the European Parliament, told Euronews. The European Parliament will discuss the topic in July. Should women with disabilities be prohibited from procreating?

The countries that enforce these eugenics programs do not currently keep official data. It is a dirty stain that they do not want others to see. The EU points to other countries for their human rights abuses but turns a blind eye to the treatment of their own women.

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This is clearly a eugenics program and an unethical form of population control. Hitler grouped people with disabilities into a class called “useless eaters” as they could not contribute to the economy. The European Union is also closely linked to the World Economic Forum. Yuval Noah Harari, a self-described historian and one of Schwab’s loudest mouthpieces, believes that we will see the rise of the “useless class.” There will be “a new massive useless class that has no military or economic usefulness, and therefore no political power,” he stated. This is another push toward the World Economic Forum’s goal of government control – you need us but we don’t need you.

Where is the international outcry for these girls and women forcibly undergoing sterilization in the West? Be on high alert when a global agency begins referring to portions of the population as “useless.”