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WHO Tries to Dazzle People with Numbers – Not Reality

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This is the WHO clip that the leftist newspapers are using to justify why we should remain locked down for Bill Gates’ 18 months. Besides, I think we will see a revolution by that time around the world. If you listen carefully, you will see the first speaker offer his opinion but does not mention any studies. This then shifts to the other doctor who then dazzles us by adding some 300 people to the death list in Wuhan, China, which has nothing to do with antibodies whatsoever. Blood tests in Germany have found 14% of the population is already immune to this virus.

After this totally unsupported claim against antibodies, the WHO has been forced to retract its statement. We really have to terminate this agency for what they have done amounts to a violation of the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations itself. They are unprofessional, compromised, and warrant a serious criminal investigation.

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The very foundation of LIBERTY is that the government has NO RIGHT to imprison people for their own safety. That is a personal decision. If someone is infected, then perhaps there is the authority to quarantine that person.

The United States should NOT fund the WHO. They should select an independent domestic entity that is PROHIBITED from accepting private donations. They must use models that are NOT dependent upon human presumptions, as was the case with Neil Ferguson who has justified destroying the world economy and refuses to accept any responsibility.