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Is This a Plot To Cover-up Collapse of Keynesian Economics?

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Coronavirus Nurse

COMMENT: Hi Marty!

Hope you’re doing well (or as well as can be expected in this total insanity).

I’ve been reading your blog posts and just wanted to say you’re absolutely correct in that this is obviously an orchestrated shut down of the global economy, for no reason at all – or rather, they have a reason but it’s nothing to do with this silly virus.

I’m now stuck in Spain… was going to be here until late April anyway, but now have no choice, since all countries closed their borders. I was going to go to Slovakia next month but they (Slovakia) closed all flights, buses and trains coming from abroad, and only Slovak citizens are allowed to cross the border – by car only (border controls are now back, like before 2004) – but then need to go into mandatory 14-day quarantine. Well, screw that!

The Slovak govt also closed all shops, events, places of gathering, restaurants, govt offices, etc – everything except supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations. The newspapers are reassuring people that by law employers are bound to keep paying their full wages even when they have been forcibly shut down by the govt. Meanwhile, no aid or relief to companies has been offered (nor promised, so far). The only thing is a concession to pay the 2019 taxes at the end of June instead of the end of March. Won’t be long before 90%+ of businesses are bankrupt (the ones like VW will likely end up being bailed out eventually with ECB printed money, but not the vast majority of the rest). So, if this goes on for longer than a few weeks, 95% of the population can look forward to spending the next decade or so living on bread and water (and sharing an apartment with 3-4 other families, or being homeless).

Worse still, the police “with the help of medical professionals” are now developing/testing an app that people are to download, which will track all movements of anyone who has or had the virus as well as anyone who came into any sort of contact with such a person. The app will then instantly alert all other users that such a person is in their vicinity (as well as the police, so that, I assume, they can come and grab this “criminal” and forcefully intern them somewhere). Btw, the comments in the major Slovak newspaper where I read this news were 100% supportive (and even enthusiastic) or such an app.

So much for that B.S. about people who have lived in communist/totalitarian regimes being wary of any police state measures. Not true… people are the same indoctrinated idiots everywhere.

The same thing all over South America. I was just there until the end of February. About a week ago country after country closed all their shops, businesses, govt offices, and now also borders (no flights in/out, etc). Again, much like in Slovakia, they did all this before even having any signs of an “epidemic”. Slovakia had 11 (!) cases (all mild) when they shut down the entire economy; countries like Paraguay did the same when they had 5 (!) cases, etc etc.

Spain, of course, has been shut for a while now. Police patrol the streets (i.e. one needs to behave like a criminal when wanting/needing to go out to do anything). Even worse is the reaction of the people here – they are clamoring for even more severe “measures” and want the police to actually jail anyone who happens to be on the street! It’s totally insane. The MSM had driven everyone insane with fear, thanks to the non-stop “end of the world” and “millions to die in every country” headlines they’ve been running everywhere for many weeks now. So now the people turn on anyone who is not wearing masks and gloves when in public or in the supermarket! Insane.

I went to Mass on Sunday (there’s now only one place that still has public Masses) and the priest said that every day the neighbors call cops on them (so the cops come in during Mass, see that the few people present are sitting with the required space between them as per govt decree, and leave; the govt has not prohibited public Masses as long as the “safe distance” is kept). Not only do people call the cops every day to denounce that a Mass is being celebrated, the priest also said a good number of people have told him that he is a “murderer” because by celebrating public Mass he’s killing people (i.e. facilitating infections)!! That’s a level of insanity I have never seen before… and I have seen my fair share.

I’d not be surprised if, any day now, people started stoning anyone they see outside without a mask (and gloves)!

People I know in South America are telling me it’s similar there…everyone wants the govt to do even more to stop the spread of this “deadly” virus. Never mind that they’ll soon be out of money because most employers are not able to keep paying wages when their businesses have been shut. All that the people seem to care is the fake “pandemic” that will “kill millions”.
(Btw, it’s the same as what has been happening in Europe for several years now – people don’t have a problem with the millions of invaders, and their rampant crime, etc, but are happy to chastise and even denounce a fellow European for “hate speech”. Everyone is believing and doing precisely what the MSM and govts tell them. And the few who don’t believe it act as if they did anyway.)

Humanity is really a hopeless case nowadays. There’s not one sane place left anywhere. 🙁

Not sure whether you’ll get a chance to read this email. It would be nice to hear from you and see how you’ve been doing, but I’m sure you’re now extremely busy with the markets and all.
(The markets… ouch! All the stocks that I thought were cheap and good value have been hammered even more than the main indexes. Oh well… the Lord has given, the Lord has taken away. :))

Hope the US won’t go as insane and full-blown totalitarian and destructive with these supposed anti-virus measures…. but seeing what they’ve done everywhere else, the odds aren’t that good.

Hope you’re well. Keep safe & sane! 🙂

Take care.
P (Old trusted friend)

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REPLY: There is clearly some agenda, but it has originated in Europe from what I have been able to track. It is perhaps a convenient event to cover-up the collapse of Keynesianism for there is absolutely NOTHING the ECB can do. As I laid out in Manipulating the World Economy, this was going to take a political solution. The real issue here is perhaps this has been whipped up into a panic in order to bring in that political change and to push Europe into the federalized state. It just begins to smell like a very convenient outcome.