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Manipulating the World Economy - NOW AVAILABLE

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Manipulating 2nd Edition 235x300Manipulating 2nd Edition Pages in Color 236x300

“Manipulating the World Economy” has been printed and shipped to Amazon. We are hoping to have the links up for Christmas. I have tried to make this an interesting textbook on the world economy and how it functions. Every page of this hardcover book is printed in full color. I have illustrated everything I could get my hands on, including old newspaper articles from contemporary events, so you can read what I read. This illustrates the problems we have with governments and how they have lost control of events going forward.

Manipulating 2nd Edition Index 1 234x300 Manipulating 2nd Edition Index 2 233x300 Manipulating 2nd Edition Index 3 233x300

I have tried to cover all the important subjects such as economic theories, Philips’ curve, supply & demand, random walks, defining what is really money, banks and their role in the creation of money, capital flows that overpower domestic policy objectives, taxation, a history of contagions, Modern Monetary Theory, and class warfare – among many more subjects.

These hardbound, full color books will make great Christmas gifts. They will be priced under $100.

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The book will be in stock on 12/25, but you can place your order now.