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Germany Admits There Never Has Been an Epidemiological Emergency!

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COVID Power Grab


Our computer has a full database of diseases and works out the cyclical nature. The annual flu shot is developed on a cyclical basis assuming the strain will mutate annually. There was NEVER any indication in our models that called for a major pandemic at this time. I have stated that such a risk does not appear to be until 2022.

Richsrage Fire February 27 1933

That background has been why I have been skeptical about this virus which just did not appear to be (1) a natural event or (2) a greatly exaggerated event to create a false flag. The Reichstag Fire of February 27th, 1933 was created by Hitler to suspend the constitution using fear and to seize power in the elections 6 days later. Fear is the tool by which all tyranny seizes power and this COVID-19 has all the hallmarks of being a false flag.

The CDC has come out and said that more people have died from suicides than COVID. The social media is scrubbing posts which have been quoting the CDC than only 6% of the reports of the deaths were from only COVID – less than 10,000. That same report confirmed that less than 15,000 people died under the age of 55. The German Minister of Health admitted that the lockdowns were a mistake. Now the data on the COVID situation and mortality in Germany have surfaced showing that there has “apparently never been an epidemiological emergency.”

It is time that we demand an investigation that is REAL and we expose those who have been orchestrating this false flag to force their Climate Change agenda on the world.