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FL Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Lab-Grown Meat

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A Florida Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill, known as House Bill 435, aimed at criminalizing the sale and distribution of lab-grown meat in the state. The bill seeks to protect the cattle and farming industries by making it unlawful to manufacture, sell, hold, or offer for sale any meat or food product produced from cultured animal cells. State Rep. Tyler Sirois, the bill’s sponsor, views lab-grown meat as an “affront to nature and creation” and part of the “ESG agenda.” The proposed legislation has sparked discussions about the potential impact of lab-grown meat on traditional meat industries and the broader implications for the state’s economy.

This is indeed part of the ESG agenda. Schwab and his World Economic Forum has pushed for the consumption of bugs as a viable protein option. Domesticated cattle is destroying the climate, in their eyes. Bill Gates has purchased countless acres of farmland in America while simultaneously opening cricket harvesting farms with the intention of slipping that ingredient into the foods we eat. Major food producers like Tyson have also stated that they would begin using insects in their food.

Now, this bill is specifically regarding lab-grown “meat” and not insects. I reported in June that the US government gave the green seal of approval for the production of artificial meat. The cultivated fake meat industry was valued at around $247 million in 2022 and it is expected to spike to $25 billion by 2030 – right on time for Agenda 2030. Worse, the US government has not said how they will classify this fake meat or whether consumers will know if what they are eating is made in a laboratory. We need more lawmakers like Sirois who are willing to stand up to the globalists and protect the people.