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Cuomo Just Killed Christmas in New York City

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NYC Christmas

This will be the first year I have never gone to New York City to enjoy a play and the Christmas cheer. There was nothing quite New York at Christmas. Governor Cuomo just killed New York. Many stores did up to 40% of their profits for the year during the Christmas season. Now any traveler from nearly every state and international flights landing at JFK must show proof of a negative test taken within three days of arriving, and must also quarantine for three additional days — and get a new COVID-19 on the fourth day. If that’s positive, they must isolate for two weeks, the governor said during his Saturday press briefing from Albany.

COVID 10 31 2020

As I have stated, an epidemic definition is 7.7% of that infected die. We have 230k deaths as of 10/31/2020 out of 9.13 million cases. and we are at less than 3%. This entire thing is a scam. The politicians have had plenty of time to weigh the economic damage from destroying so many small businesses compared to the death rate. The fact that they are continuing this policy can only mean one thing – they are an attempt to aid this Great Reset.