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Black Death Plague Returning in Asia

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I have explained that Socrates shows that this coronavirus is nonsense. The risk of a more serious disease comes in 2022. There are three new diseases forming in Asia. First, there is a new coronavirus that causes pneumonia, which is far more lethal than this concocted version that appears to have been manufactured to set in motion this Great Reset. Next, we have swine flu which has also just appeared and is far more serious than the nonsense they have used to kill the economy. Believe it or not, our RELIABLE sources have CONFIRMED that there are a few cases appearing of the Black Death — the bubonic plague — which killed around 50% of the population during the 14th century.

Mask Girl

An old word of caution has been, “Be careful what you wish for!” This current nonsense has been exploited to terrorize the population in order to deliberately redesign the world economy. There is ABSOLUTELY no historical precedent to lock down the entire world economy/population. You quarantine the sick, not the healthy. By forcing people to wear masks, they are breaking the bonds of civilization. From here on out, many will look at anyone else as a potential threat. That is the goal, for it prevents organized resistance. You cannot tell any facial expressions if they are joking or nasty. This is how you destroy society and it was the very objective of the Communists. We seem to be following the playbook of Joseph Stalin.