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12 Years Can Really Give Consent?

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QUESTION: Is it true that California can vaccinate even 11-year-olds without parental consent?


ANSWER: No. But the Washington D.C. Council passed a law in late December 2020 that allows children as young as 11 to receive vaccines if they are deemed capable by a doctor of giving informed consent. If an 11 year old cannot give consent for sex and are deemed incapable of giving consent to everything else, then why this vaccine? Hm. Epstein comes to mind. If a girl even said yes to sex at 14 she is later held to be incapable of consenting. But this does not apply with an experimental drug that could have long-term effects nobody knows yet?

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San Francisco passed an ordinance that allowed a 12-year-old to give consent to be vaccinated.

My problem here is that we have politicians who do not have to even have graduated kindergarten to run for office, making decisions that defy all logic. They are acting like this is the Black Plague and 50% of the population will die when in fact it is no different from the normal death toll of the flu annually.

To me, something is just not right. When politicians are in on this whole agenda, they have ABANDONED all duty to protect not just the Constitution, but the lives of the people. REAL scientists are warning about COVID-32 if we do not understand the origin of COVID-19. All the voices of reason have been canceled and anyone raising any question is classified as an Alt-Right Nazi. This has gone way too far and simply labeling anyone who questions anything as a CONSPIRACY THEORIST is a clever way never to have to answer the question.

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There are scientists who are concerned that these vaccines may sterilize many. These are serious questions that MUST be answered with PEER REVIEW analysis – not CNN and Politicians. Given Gates’ obsession with climate change and overpopulation, while funding birth control chip implants into women, this does not inspire confidence in our world leaders who cozy up to Gates worldwide. The “pandemic” was declared by the WHO which Gates basically owns.