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Dear Leftists — Why are There Zero Terrorist Attacks in Poland?

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Poland has not been attacked by terrorists because they do not allow them within their borders. MEP Dominik Tarczynski delivered a cutting speech addressed to the “Dear Leftists” who have lost in Polish elections eight consecutive times. He tells the left that they will continually lose because the people of Poland do not want illegal migration.

Tarczynski explains that Poland has one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the Eurozone, and permitting in immigrants under the guise of “skilled workers” is unnecessary. The European Union is run by the globalist elites who are pushing for open borders. Yet another reason why individual European nations are questioning their position within the union as Brussels is pressuring all nations to adopt their ideologies.

I mentioned in another article that nearly 70% of violent crime in France is committed by migrants. There are extreme risks involved when mixing cultures that do not align. Poland is taking additional measures to protect its border, announcing that they will be searching vehicles traveling from Slovakia for illegal aliens. “We don’t want anyone alleging that our border is porous,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. This comes after it was discovered that certain Polish embassies were illegally selling EU work visas for thousands of euros.

Dominik Tarczynski said something quite interesting in his speech. Do not tell us about democracy. Brussels shouts about democracy from their high horses while ruling as tyrants. Putin recently condemned America for losing its ability to preach about democracy.

America does not have fair elections, and the president is a blatant criminal who has his main opponent arrested. “It shows the rottenness of the US political system that can’t claim to teach others democracy,” Putin stated. “What happened to Trump is a motivated prosecution of a political rival.” The world can see how divided Western nations have become due to the leftist globalists pushing forth the Build Back Better agenda that first required the ruin of nations.