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Time to Sell Hedge/Vulture Funds?

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Hedge funds or vulture funds are destroying society, tearing it limb from limb. They should be making money without getting involved in social destruction. Puerto Rican officials are in a confrontation with hedge funds who want to extract money from the poor because they see it as an opportunity. It’s all about screwing the people so they can make a profit.

I strongly advise withdrawing funds from any hedge fund that is engaged as a vulture fund. This is not going to end nicely and Puerto Rico is just the beginning. These hedge/vulture funds will lose big time in the end – so get out while you can. There will be a lot more defaults and they are trying to use the law to make a profit in court. They should learn how to trade. That’s what a hedge fund was supposed to be; not some legal entity buying distressed debt for pennies on the dollar and then using lawyers to demand 100%.