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Trudeau’s Advice for the Poor – Kill Yourself

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I reported that Canada has begun a eugenics program, yet again, to remove the undesirables from society legally. The Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) program was initially intended to provide legal euthanasia for people suffering from terminal illnesses. It was presented as a humane alternative for those who were in extreme pain and slowly awaiting death. The Canadian government expanded the program to cover psychiatric conditions, all psychiatric conditions, and “any other medical affliction.”

Bill C-7, “the euthanasia law,” has made suicide an option for those the government deems are a burden on society. Trudeau’s socialistic dreams under Schwab’s guidance will call for universal healthcare and income, and people who require lifelong assistance present a problem for the government. At first, the measure was intended for the terminally ill, then the mentally ill, and now it encourages death for those “too poor to continue living with dignity.”

Instead of helping the poor, trust fund baby Trudeau, who never experienced financial hardship, suggests the lower class simply kills themselves, and Canadian taxpayers will fund their suicides. This evil legislation is encouraging the most vulnerable among the population to end their lives. Perhaps a mother is desperate and unable to find her baby formula, or a man lost his livelihood and business during lockdown restrictions. Are they too undignified to live? As the economy continues to turn down, there will be more home evictions, job losses, and the overall standard of living will decline as the current level of inflation is unsustainable and the supply chain crisis is nowhere near under control. Government mismanagement caused the current economic downturn, and now they are asking the victims of their incompetence to leave this world behind. Unbelievable.

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At this point, Canada is actively encouraging people to choose death as the government wants to eliminate those who Adolf Hitler once deemed “useless eaters” who did not contribute to his ideal version of society. People are outraged by Roe v. Wade in America, but no one is talking about how the Canadian government is PAYING for their citizens to commit suicide. At what level is someone “too poor to continue living with dignity?”