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Canada Begins Eugenics Program

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While people always point to Nazi, Germany, Canada is no stranger to eugenics. The Sexual Sterilization Act in 1928 forced Indigenous women to undergo sterilizations to diminish their population. Canada provided these women with a skewed “mental deficiency” test in an attempt to prove they were unfit to reproduce. The practice was widespread until the 1970s, although numerous women have reported being coerced into the practice in recent times.

Justin Trudeau’s dad, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, supported eugenics and population “cleansing.” The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation provided the initial foundation for the practice by highlighting the scientific achievement of genome sequencing and combining it with the potential for “reducing the burden of disease on themselves and on society as a whole.”

An excerpt on “Technology and Ethics” that can be found on the Trudeau Foundation website:

"For some analysts, genetic tests, along with the 'genetic understanding of health' that they shape, reflect our society's focus on individual responsibility and productivity. In the words of Roxanne Mykitiuk, 'with genetic tests marketed as a kind of health-risk kit, individuals are being called upon to undertake self-surveillance in the name of reducing the burden of disease on themselves and on society as a whole,' and in doing so to maintain a 'disciplined order of productive citizens.'”

This thinking is identical to other current and past forms of governments who have actively sought to eliminate those who are not considered “productive citizens.” The aforementioned report concluded:

"One of the most significant and pervasive issues is the risk that these new technologies will give rise to new forms of discrimination, inequality, and violations of human dignity, such as discrimination on the basis of genetic characteristics or unequal access to genetic enhancements. Other potential adverse effects include irreparable damage to the environment and to human health and the human genome."

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Justin Trudeau is now following in his dad’s footsteps. Beginning in March 2023, Canada will expand its Medical Aid in Dying, or MAID, for people “whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction.” There is no denying that mental disorders cause suffering – but do they call for government-aided suicide? This means that a vulnerable person suffering from a mental disorder, who may not be able to make a decision on their own, could be persuaded by a doctor to end their life. The measure also notes that “any other mental affliction” could be grounds for death by the government, which is more dystopian than anything George Orwell could have imagined.

Mental health providers stress that suicide is never an option. This bill is about voluntary eugenics, encouraged by healthcare providers, rather than public health.

Conveniently, Canada is implementing this measure after its COVID restrictions sent the nation into a mental health tailspin. Young Global Leader Trudeau is pushing forward the Great Reset and will likely call for universal healthcare. He considers these people a “burden” to his socialistic dreams as psychiatric conditions usually require lifelong care.

This is one of the evilest measures implemented by Justin Trudeau. He is persuading vulnerable Canadians to end their lives to create Schwab’s (Justin Trudeau does not have original ideas) dream Utopia where everyone will “be happy.”