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Trudeau & the Bonus Army

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Bonus Army of 1932

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, you are one of the most intelligent and ardent supporters of freedom on the internet. That said, I cannot understand how you continually use the term fascist for governments such as Trudeau’s when it is so obviously communist. Worldwide, the communists such as Schwab are in control of our Western governments.


REPLY: Communism is defined in reality as the state owners everything. Fascism is her there is private ownership, but state control. Yes, Schwab admires Lenin. He is trying very hard to sell his economic philosophy to the world. But we have not yet reached a communistic state. Despite the propaganda of the West that constantly calls China Communist, that is a label that is simply used to create a fearful image. China is no more Communist than any other country. People have owned property, but the industry is becoming more under the control of the state.

What Trudeau has done is more than undermined the image of Canada as a law-abiding nation that is a safe haven for capital – he has embarked on a fascist agenda seizing people accounts who protest politically. In the United States, that is supposed to be protected under the First Amendment – Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Assemble. Trudeau has violated both of those principles. But let me make it very clear. Herbert Hoover lost the 1932 election also because he called out the army against the protests of the World War I veterans called the Bonus Army who was protesting simply to be paid what they had been promised.

Trudeau has called in police from Quebec to attack the English Truckers. This is the precise strategy of the Nika Revolt.