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Lockdown Corruption & Destruction of Small Business

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COMMENT (from UK): Hi Martin

There might be a lot of people that originally supported the lockdowns out of ‘fear’ – however, this has been rapidly diminishing even in my own extended family. We were frustratingly at one stage over 80% in favour, that had dropped to under 30%, I suspect it is similar in many places. As I stated in my last mail, I believe the elite cabal behind this lockdown scam had pulled the trigger 3-4mths to early.

Trump has gone out of his way to point out he hates lockdown and will not do it. He has really ramped this message up in the last few days.

I know it will be the most corrupt election ever and the result remains to be seen. However, it would be wholly ironic if the very covid plot hatched to overthrow Trump actually blows up in their faces and it is the very thing, that now powers Trump into a landslide win, with his ANTI-Lockdown message going into Tuesday.

Kind Regards


REPLY: I agree. The computer has projected Trump should be the winner. If this is true, then all the polls have been manipulated in hopes of overthrowing Trump for the Great Reset. Our computer has also projected that this should be the biggest turnout perhaps even in history alongside this being the most corrupt election in history. With about 1/3 small businesses in London gone, this latest lockdown is criminal when the death rate is less than 3%. This next lockdown will be extended and will eliminate Christmas. That will probably leave London looking like a Ghost Town.

Great Reset Crush Economy

I cannot believe, after working for politicians for 40 years, that they are ignorant of what they are doing. This is clearly an agenda to crush the world economy to rebuilt it from scratch according to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.