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A Plea from Australia For Help

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COMMENT: Hi Marty,
Was hoping you could put this on your blog in case there are any lawyers in your readership. Surely we are being denied the right to allow our immune system to deal with this naturally.

I live in the very next state to Victoria Australia and I am increasingly becoming fearful our state government is going to follow suit.

What really pisses me off is that people like my own father accept the bullshit they are being told and want the police to act the way they do. So it is not just the police and the government, but all those sheep who give these authorities the motivation to do it. I can assure you that my father and those like him would have been cheering the police officer on, not the woman who was not wearing the mask. My father even told my daughter (when she asked him how he was through messenger) that he was ok but very angry at the people not obeying the law. In other words, here is my father talking to my daughter long distance and his whole focus is on this f%^&*ing virus and his disdain towards others who don’t fear this disease as he does. People like my father do not read or listen to anyone else (like me or you) who speaks opposite to their own fears and beliefs. So waking up the people is pointless and will never happen.

So to my question. I believe I am being denied the right to get this disease naturally and to allow my body to naturally deal with it. My health is being compromised because I am being denied the right to build my own immune system naturally. By denying me the right to naturally get this disease, I am putting my own ability to work and provide for my family at risk. Surely there must be some legal precedent that says that no one can prevent me from contracting a disease naturally.

Obviously there is an agenda here, but surely the people out there with common sense (and legal ability to see this through) can force the government to simply tell those that fear this disease to stay at home, in other words, aim their lockdowns at those who fear the disease and let the rest of us go out and work and produce.




Help dyingREPLY: This really makes no sense why politicians are becoming so evil. You would think that they made a mistake because of Neil Ferguson’s bogus model and they would quickly reverse course. The whole thing was we needed lockdowns to preserve bed space in hospitals. But that never became a problem. So you would think that any honest politician would back off. Instead, they are turning the screws even harder which makes no sense unless they are now deliberately trying to destroy the economy for the Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.