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Massachusetts Residents Asked to House Illegal Migrants

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Our politicians have absolutely no idea how to handle the massive wave of migrants sweeping the nation and are proposing brain-dead solutions. Massachusetts is the latest state to declare a state of emergency due to the “rapidly rising numbers of migrant families” seeking shelter. By state law, they must accept and house families who qualify. Governor Maura Healey said that over 100 illegal aliens PER DAY applied in July, and she is now asking the people to personally house migrants in their homes.

Taxpayers in Massachusetts are footing a $45 million monthly bill to house 5,600 migrant families. Healey said that the state simply cannot keep up with the demand and noted that most of these people are unable to work legally and have no other resource besides US tax dollars. These people who trespassed into the country cannot obtain licenses to drive or earn a paycheck and will require full sponsorship from you in addition to your tax dollars. Of course, there have been no background checks on these people either since no one knows who they are or where they came from. There are currently 20,000 migrants throughout MA, with shelter capacity expanding by 80% in the past year.

“If you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Safe housing and shelter is our most pressing need,” Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll said. So, they know most Americans are in a tight financial situation right now. Our right to self-defense is limited, if not void. But these politicians think we should willingly open our doors to complete strangers to solve the crisis they created. Let us also not forget a few years ago, we were unable to host our own family members in our homes due to the risk of disease. We were encouraged to drive by and wave at our loved ones from the window during the holidays.

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The politicians who promoted America as a sanctuary country should lead by example and allow these people to stay in their mansions. Send the buses to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and let them set up an encampment on the lawn. They certainly have a few extra rooms to spare. Our constitution prevents us from housing soldiers, but does it protect us from housing migrants if they push this through by force? Will they soon offer our tax dollars to financially desperate people as a bribe to host illegal migrants? Ridiculous and dangerous. America has been invaded.