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Immigration as a Political Tool

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Illegal Immigration

COMMENT: Dear Mr Armstrong,
Thanks for your interesting blog and for all you
Are doing for all humanity…

Concerning possibility to come to USA, I would
Like to emphasize that while from day one of
Biden’s presidency, USA south borders are
Opened to anyone passing through, with no
need to have documents or declare real data,
Italians (and I guess european too) that want to
come to USA in order to work and live there, still have
a lot of  limitations and Regulations to adhere (even
if “called” from a US Firm… but I am sure you know it! which
finally make it Almost impossible to come even if specialized
And with clean record.
All the best!
Have a nice week-end!

REPLY: I have spent more than $50,000 on lawyers trying to get my overseas staff into the USA. It very frustrating. I intend to file a lawsuit against Homeland Security for DISCRIMINATION and violating civil rights. What you say is correct. They refuse to even issue a visa in Russia, I had a German staff member who boarded a plane and then was pulled off. A British staff member refused to give a visa and refused to explain why, using the standard nonsense that perhaps they would not leave. I told my staff to put on a T-shirt, I voted for Biden and just walked across the Mexican border.

I can tell you I have seen instructions to Homeland Security that if anyone from Ukraine wanted to come to the USA, they MUST have a COVID-19 vaccine. However, if a Ukrainian walked across the Mexican border, no vaccine is required.

This policy is exactly what I encountered trying to negotiate for Hong Kong with the Australian government. It was ONLY about who they would vote for. Australia blocked them because they would vote CONSERVATIVE when the LABOUR government was in power.

What Kind of American Are You

I am so sick and tired of this nonsense that people from Asia and Europe cannot come to the USA simply because they would vote Republican. The USA will break up. This is unsustainable. That film scene from the Movie Civil War was really on point – What kind of American are you?

We may have to start doing conferences in Dubai and Mexico. So much for the land of the free.