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Socialism vs. Helping the Poor

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Nerva AE Ses Modus

Above is a Roman Æ Sestertius (34mm, 22.18 g) of Nerva (AD 96—98), struck at the mint of Rome (97 AD). The reverse reads: “PLEBEI VRB[ANA]E FRVMENTO CONSTITVTO”, and pictures a modius filled with poppy and six grain ears. This demonstrates how society has ALWAYS aided the poor (plebs) for that is part of humanity.

Socialism is simply the justification to rob those who produce for the benefit of politicians, not the poor. The politicians have used the business cycle to claim that they can prevent economic declines if they have more power. With each decline, the excuse is the same: had they had more power they could have prevented the event. We are now approaching total power. There is no freedom left for they are robbing the very rights of man granted by God at the time we are born. Our freedom to be who we are is what they dislike the most. We do not need socialism to be a compassionate society. All great civilizations have taken care of the poor for no one starved in Rome until the government consumed everything before collapsing.