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600 kg Roman Coin Hoard Found in Spain

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Seville 4-29-2016

Maximianus FollisConstruction workers in Spain found 600 kg (1,300 lbs) of ancient Roman coins while working on water pipes in southern Spain. The coins date to the period of Maximianus to Constantine the Great (286-312 AD) and were found inside 19 Roman amphoras in the town of Tomares near Seville. The value of such coins on today’s market will vary between $75 to $300. What is rare about this find is that this appears to be money intended to pay the troops. The coins are uncirculated and mostly still show the silver plating which was done chemically at the mint.

Typically, coins found in hoards are normally from individuals who hid money during the chaotic period of the 3rd century for security. It is less common to find a hoard intended to pay the military. Discoveries have been made of dies that have survived, but they too are very rare. Normally, we are looking at coinage of an individual who digs a hole to protect their wealth because they lacked a stable financial environment. Could we be moving into such a period once again?