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Party Politics

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Party Politics

COMMENT: Thoughts regarding your “Trump and 2024” comments. I’ve been following your blog for well over 10 years and signed up on your basic Socrates program months ago. I’m 67 and voted Democrat most of my life until 2016. I voted for Trump. No way I was voting for Hillary Clinton and considering the political DNC and Deep State gamesmanship following Trump’s victory I’ll likely never vote blue again. It was and is disgusting.
I’m also a Floridian and voted for DeSantis. I think he’s a great governor for Florida. But there is absolutely no way I’ll vote for him for POTUS. If DeSantis is the GOP candidate I’ll stay home on voting day. In my mind, deep down, he’s just another RINO and will just return us to the status quo. He also has a few ghosts in his closet. I’m personally peeved that he held one of his first cabinet meetings in Israel. And his time at GITMO, if true, is likely to come back to haunt him.

To me Trump is the only one that would, shall we say, have the motivation to get done what really needs to get done inside the beltway and beyond. One would only hope he learned the necessary lessons and could surround himself with the right support staff. Of course, that’s the mystical, magical question. He obviously listened to McConnell too much last go around.
I would never profess to have more insight than you and certainly not Socrates. I am simply expressing a personal belief that Trump is our best hope to navigate what’s coming our way. I’m not ready to give up on him yet…and if I do I’ll just throw in the towel and hope for the best.
From a Loyal Follower of your Blog!


REPLY: I think a lot of people just have a false impression of politics these days. They take what politicians say seriously. I also think that was Trump’s problem. He did try to actually keep his promises, which politicians routinely do not do. Biden said he would make abortion a constitutional right. He knew that was total BS. To create a Constitutional Amendment you first have to get it through Congress and then every state legislator must agree. It would take years even if you tried. which was total nonsense. But if it gets votes, no problem.

Trump thought being President actually meant you got to run the country like a corporation. They stuffed his cabinet and the Deep State always runs the game. He had to find that out the hard way.

As I said before, I could run for office promise whatever you want to hear. Then when you get there, the Party boss has a gathering and you are told how to vote and when. Just look at the votes in Congress. They are Party Line. Personally, I would prefer DeSantis to stay here in Florida. I think he has done a great job. However, Washington is nothing but a conflict of interest on steroids. Just look at how they poured money into Ukraine, Zelensky then fed it to FTX and FTX became the 2d largest donor to the Democrats. It was money laundering that will never be allowed to get to trial.

Empires 3rdCentury Rome Map

People do not understand that running the nation is far different than an individual state. Look at California and New Jersey v Florida and Texas. They do not even blend together to form a united country. In New Jersey, stores are not allowed to give you a bag. The governor is constructing windmills in the ocean and it’s only a matter of time before he outlaws gas cars and gas stations. The United States is rapidly becoming ungovernable as a united nation. The political difference is so great, it no longer makes sense to have a single nation. The Roman Empire split into three, a civil war was fought to bring it back together.

Tetreacrhy R

Then Diocletian divided the Empire in two and this created the Tetrarchy. That lasted just 23 years before Constantine I (307-337AD) reestablished one emperor. But then the West fell and the East survived as the Byzantine Empire after about 180 years. The official Byzantine Empire began in 498AD with the Monetary Reform of Anastasius I (491-518AD). The Byzantine Empire lasted until 1453. The likelihood of the separation of the United States begins to increase post-2024. The United States as we have known it may no longer exist post-2036.