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The ECM Turning Point — 2015.75 — the Start of a Trend Is Now

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In Barcelona, many people asked if I thought the pro-independence parties in Spain’s Catalonia region would actually win. I told them it was inevitable as this is the global trend in motion. The vote for Catalonia is in and the separatists have won an absolute majority in regional elections. The separatist alliance and a smaller party won 72 seats in the 135-seat regional parliament. They proclaim that this victory will allow them to declare independence from Spain within 18 months.

The Spanish central government in Madrid has pledged to block any unilateral independence moves in court. Why? Politicians are no different from kings, dictators, or emperors. This is not about what the people want; it is all about maintaining power.

This vote is the BEGINNING of the separatist movement around the world. Centralized government is dying. Society has always swung back and forth between centralized government and regional government. Once a centralized government grabs power it always expands until it consumes all power.

This is why I say that TAXES ARE NO LONGER NECESSARY. Money is no longer a commodity and the value of any currency depends entirely upon faith. Even gold has no value unless you believe someone else will accept it from you at some mutually agreed value. Money cannot be a store of value because it requires ending the business cycle and life itself.

Why do we pay federal taxes? What is it really providing for the people? Taxes are necessary locally where governments cannot create money. The money created by government is not tied to anything tangible besides the collective capacity of the nation (GDP). Then, there is no need to tax nor borrow constantly with no intention of paying anything back. Interest rates are near zero and governments need rates at virtually zero or the cost of government will explode. As always, it is government against the people.

Retirees cannot live off of their savings and pensions are going broke all because government stupidly assumes it can raise or lower interest rates to steer the economy when they themselves are the biggest debtor upon which their own tools have no influence on fiscal responsibility. We live in a world that has totally gone mad and nobody will sit down to look at how this structure is functioning.

The separatist movement is the breaking up of federal governments and the return of power back to regional governments. This movement is fueled by taxes, the diminishing trend in employment, and a lower standard of living.

The Catalonia vote comes right on target with the Economic Confidence Model. This turning point is PROFOUND, for it is not the crash in stock markets, commodities, or the private sector. This is the BEGINNING of the trend, which will see the fall of governments and the rise in demands for political change EVERYWHERE.


November 21, 2018 will be the major target moving forward for political chaos. On the last two important wave formations — 1998.55 and 2007.15 — this pi turning point produced, to the day, the 9/11 attack and the day Greece asked for IMF help which started the sovereign debt crisis. So 2015.75 is the BEGINNING of a new trend that will be very profound for our political future.


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