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Forecasting the Hamas Attack

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ISRSTK M 121323ISRSTK M Array 7 1 23

QUESTION: Socrates picked up the Hamas attack, marking July as the high with a directional change, then another directional change in September before the attack, a panic cycle into November, and another directional change. The market then bounced. NBC reported that people were speculating in advance of the attack, and it may have been Hamas or the Israelis shorting the market. Socrates picked it up well in advance. Do you think whoever was using Socrates for the timing? They are starting to pick up on your theory about markets moving ahead of events on inside knowledge. You have never received credit for your discovery. That in itself demonstrates the lack of integrity in the mainstream press.




ANSWER: I do not know. Our model cannot say who it is. It might have been the Neocons funding an offshore slush fund as in Iran Contra or the alleged drug trafficking by the CIA. My concern is they always seem to target me and claim I have too much influence because they do not believe anything can be forecast. Just listen closely to Larry Summers. He says the economy cannot be forecasted, and if you could, it would be because of influence.

Some people would love to shut me down and destroy Socrates. That was what the bankers did, complaining to the CFTC after the Russian collapse. It does not matter. They make up schemes, and the press runs with them and NEVER looks too closely. In my case, the bank stole the money and told the government they had no idea where it was. No journalist ever asked how anyone gets $1 billion out of a bank, and the bank has no idea where it is. That much money has to be wired out, and you then know where the wire went. It did not matter how insane the allegation was; NOBODY in the press ever asked that question.

Republic Pays 606 WSJ

Mainstream media and Wikipedia are nothing more than the American version of Pravda of the old Soviet Union days, meaning TRUTH. Boris Berezovsky wrote a begging letter to Putin asking him to come home and apologizing for his scheme to become president. The press reported that the government claimed Berezovsky committed suicide. His bodyguard said he was killed by MI6. He was part of the conspiracy to seize control of Russia in 2000. He even called me when I refused to invest $10 billion into Hermitage Capital Management to seize control of Russia with the Bankers and Neocons.

Then look at Jeffrey Epstein. Based on where they put him, I wrote a post on July 25th, 2019, asking: When will Epstein be found Dead? Before or After a Deal? He was dead by August 10th, 2019.


Then, the very guy who tied Clinton together with Epstein also commits suicide and hangs himself but also shoots himself with a shotgun. They called that suicide along with Epstein, and mainstream media always looks the other way. Did he shoot himself first and then hanged himself as he was dying? Or did he hang himself and then shoot himself? Did someone hand him the gun?

ECM 2007 DetailedECM Goldman 2007

Some people do not want anyone forecasting anything that hits too close to home. I’m sure they do not like Socrates’ forecast that governments will not survive past 2032. They locked me up in civil contempt to stop the forecasting. They never could prevent this model from working. The market still complied with the forecasts. On the floor in 2007, which was the precise day of the high in the Shiller Real Estate Index and the very day Goldman sold its time bomb, they were calling it Armstrong’s Revenge on the floor for that the peak and a crash began.

ECM 932 1998 2002FT June 27 1998






98 ECM High July 20

The one that got me into trouble was when I forecasted the collapse of Russia in 1998 and that the stock market would make its high on the ECM, which was July 20th. The London FT covered that forecast, and they were claiming it would not have happened but for me. Then the 9/11 World Trade Center attack also took place on the precise day of the Pi Target of that wave.

1929 Wave Hitler on Pi

The ECM Pi target even picked the day Hitler was offered the Chancellorship. That was before I was born, so how did I have the influence to make that happen?

1989.95 Wave ERM Crisis

Martin Armstrong Margaret ThatcherThen there was the European Rate Mechanism (ERM) Crisis, where Soros made his fortune. That was the attempt to fix currencies to create the Euro. I was advising Maggie Thatcher and warned that the coming euro would fail. She opposed taking the pound into the Euro, so they staged a coup to remove her, then joined the ERM, which blew up in her face.

Soros Brexit R

They made Soros this rich guy who now supports no borders and is destroying Britain, Europe, and America simultaneously. It was Soros who was funding the anti-BRIXIT movement so Britain would surrender its sovereignty to his coming one-world government.

2007 2010 Greece Goldman Sachs on Pi

Then there was the very day Greece petitioned the IMF for a loan, for they were broke, starting the financial crisis and the massive migration into Europe to distract from the Greek debt crisis.

87Crash ECM SP500

The ECM even picked the precise day of the very day of the low for the 1987 crash – October 19th, 1987. All of these events were forecast, and none of them had to do with my “influence,” so it does not matter if they kill me or call it suicide like Berezovsky or Epstein; it will not change the forecasts. Sorry, 2032 comes if I am here or not. Or perhaps I hang myself, then shoot myself with a shotgun, and they call that as usual – suicide.


The model not only forecasted the 1987 Crash, but the low was also precisely the ECM date, so I forecasted that day that the market would make its low and make new highs into 1989.

ECM 1989.95 Detailed R

Not only did the ECM give us the precise day of the high in the Japanese Nikkei in December 1989, but it also forecasted the collapse of Communism. It forecasted the declaration of Estonian independence, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and even the agreement of the Maastricht Treaty.



Djow New High Barrons

In 2009, I warned that the low would be in place and the market would rally to New Highs. That rally unfolded into the 8.6-year wave in 2015. Barrons ran a story on June 25, 2011, stating the forecast for a long-term bull market. The Dow was only 11450 – about one-third of its present value. They thought that was a funny forecast after a crash.

ECN 117 Private Wave 31BC

The number of turns following the ECM is astonishing. I will publish a book on the ECM. Backtesting it has marked countless major historical shifts. It picked the Battle of Actium in 31BC, where Octavian defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra, and by 27BC, with the new wave, Imperial Rome was born with the end of the Republic. You cannot make up this stuff. Nevertheless, the world rejects the idea of any ability to forecast outside of fundamental guessing. Some people still think if I am dead, that will stop this model from working. Sorry, this model worked before I was born, and it will still work long after I am gone.


1981 1985 ECM Turning points1994 ECM SP5002002 ECM SP500 Low