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Analyzing Bitcoin

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BITCON M 11 29 2020 1024x430


A number of people have asked for a confirmation of the array analysis. Here you can see that the Turning Point was November, and then we have Jan/Feb. Not that we have back-to-back Directional Changes in November and December. Whenever the Directional Change aligns with the Turning Point, that is a very important combination indicating a significant target. Volatility will start to rise in December and scale into a Panic Cycle by next June.

End of Rope

Many people have asked WHAT is behind the fact that gold declined and Bitcoin rallied. It appears to be the same trend that we saw coming out of China. It is not that Bitcoin is better than gold, as many are asking, but it seems to be a means to move money across borders outside of simple bank wires. With the world in absolute chaos, forget hyperinflation. There is a far greater risk of the government canceling currencies and they want to cancel the debt. They have reached the end of the rope and what is left is about to break. This wild theory of hyperinflation is just not plausible. They cannot keep finding by borrowing. This is what the Great Reset is all about — altering the entire system because it is about to collapse anyway.