Local Food a Good Idea for Economic Freedom

  Sorry for the typo, this is an excellent idea for those who want to look at having a back-up for the future. But this idea should also be taken seriously in [...]

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Market Talk – January 5th, 2016

We have ended a busy week for equities with a mixed session for Asia and it was the Nikkei that was to spoil the party yet again! Closing the day down 1.3% this [...]

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We Will Not Be Updating Saturday or Sunday

We will be migrating the site over the weekend as we prepare to launch the new site with enhanced features, such as a state of the art search function. We will be [...]

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The Declining Level of Confidence in Govt. & Gold

QUESTION:  Martin, You have said on multiple occasions, that gold will only rise when the Market loses confidence in the Gov’t.This Mid-Benchmark Rally you [...]

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Year-End Signals for 2016 Generated at the Close of 2015

Since many people have asked to purchase the “2015 Year-End Report” that was provided to WEC attendees, we are making it available so that everyone can [...]

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Market Talk – February 2, 2016

Once again, oil influenced markets around the world. Having dropped 6% yesterday, we were confronted with another 5.5% drop in prices today, closing below the [...]

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Why the Euro Must Collapse; There Is No Prayer in Hell of Saving It

  On one hand, Yanis Varoufakis is a left-leaning economist, however, he also see the truth about debt and how Greece cannot possibly recover. For the most [...]

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The Establishment Is Beside Itself Over Trump

Next week can be a real watershed event. If Trump beats Cruz in Iowa, look out! Iowa is the heart of the Evangelical community, and if Cruz cannot win there then he [...]

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Plague Cycle: Moving into Peak 2017-2020

In the “Cycle of War” report, we mentioned in passing our models on plagues. We reported that this cycle nearly matched the war cycle coming in at [...]

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