James Clapper Refuses to Brief Congress on the Proof That Russia Hacked the DNC

I am sorry, but he has not basis to refuse to show his evidence. He is clearly trying to instigate a revolution in the Electoral College. He should be held in [...]

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Is Larry Summers One of the Four Horseman of the Economic Apocalypse?

The major bonus to Hillary losing the elections is that Larry Summers will not be the chief economic adviser. Larry Summers is Hillary’s top choice for Fed [...]

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Capital Flows

QUESTION: Marty, can you say what the actual capital flow number was per month? ANSWER: The net foreign private inflows were $113.0 billion, and net foreign [...]

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Luxembourg say Hungary Should be Kicked Out of EU

Luxembourg’ Foreign minister Jean Asselborn has demanded that Hungary must be kicked out of the EU because they constructed a 110-mile-long fence to stop [...]

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Theresa May

Britain to End Freedom on Movement with EU Citizens

Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain has made it clear that Britain will not accept retaining the EU free movement of EU citizens after the exit. Even traveling [...]

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World Economy Sinking

IMF Concedes Central Banks Are Doomed

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, that in the face of crises, the refusal to reform how things are functioning [...]

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4th July

Happy 4th July – The King is Dead – Long Live Career Politicians Also for Life

Happy 4th of July The King is Dead – Long Live Career Politicians Also for Life (Note: Not so sure we actually won something. Back to taxation with no [...]

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Armstrong at Hack Miami Conference Tonight

Armstrong Speaking at HackMiami 2016 [...]

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Metals & Dow Update in the Private Blog

Metals & Dow update has been posted to the private [...]

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