A New Meaning to “Fresh Blood”

New research is giving new meaning to the term “fresh blood” and an additional motive to the legend of Dracula. In a recent study, U.S. researchers [...]

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Pacific Ring of Fire – New Zealand now Japan

A major quake has hit New Zealand and days later Japan. Unfortunately, this is in line with our model as we head toward our destiny with a crash in the energy [...]

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NASA Reports Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum

NASA has reported that Antarctic sea ice (different from Artic ice) reached a new record maximum. Meanwhile, top Russian scientist Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, who [...]

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Colosseum Severus Alexander

A 6.6 Earthquake Hits Northwest of Rome

Our models have been showing a rising trend for earthquakes in several key positions. They too are cyclical in nature and as such can also be forecast. The [...]

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Earthquake Due in Italy?

  There has been a rise in earthquake activity in the vicinity of Rome. It appears this is starting to intensify once [...]

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Sun’s Drop in Energy Output Stronger than Expected

I have been warning that global warming is really a hoax, for the major issue is that the sun is a thermodynamic system, which means that it does not provide a [...]

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Three Supermoons of 2016

Our model does not factor in astronomy, astrology, nor religious prophecies. We did not select the date for the World Economic Conference to align with the biggest [...]

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Global Warming Crowd Said All Ice Would be Gone by September 2016. Oops!

The global warming crowd said we had to urgently act for all sea ice would be gone by September 2016. As the Telegraph recalls, they were wrong. Meanwhile, the [...]

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Are they Using Hurricanes to Support Climate Changes Taxes?

Reporting from Florida, it is starting to smell like something is really rotten with these weather forecasts. The morning Hermine hit Florida on the West Coast, [...]

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The Coming Storm – Stock Pile Food & Water for 30 days

  The German government is now advising its people to stockpile food for 10 days. This advice should be heeded throughout Europe and even in the United States. [...]

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