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Elizabeth Warren Calls for the Dismissal of the Head of SEC Who Refuses to Comply with Law

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white-mary-joElizabeth Warren wrote to Obama demanding Mary Jo White, the head of the SEC, be fired. She wrote: “I do not make this request lightly.”  Warren has sought that the SEC require corporations to reveal their political donations. “I have tried both publicly and privately to persuade Chair White to direct the agency’s resources toward pressing matters of compelling interest to investors and the public, and toward completing those rules that Congress has required it to implement. But after years of fruitless efforts, it is clear that Chair White is set on her course. The only way to return the SEC to its intended purpose is to change its leadership.”

I know Mary Jo White and I can say, while I do not agree with Warren on much of her economic ideas, nonetheless, she is right on point here with the performance of the SEC. Mary Jo White was the head of the Justice Department in New York City when my case began. I did not know who she was. At my first bail hearing, my lawyer got the government to admit that they never bothered to call a single client. Instead, they repeated whatever the bankers alleged, and the judge in Trenton, New Jersey, was shocked.



After I won that hearing, the government never bothered to call any clients to verify anything the bank told them. Mary Jo White came up to me and was literally snarling and showing her teeth to the point where I looked at her and asked what the hell was her problem. I did not know who she was. All I knew was that she looked like she was about to bite me like some animal. My lawyer then told me who she was. It was totally unprofessional to say the least.

Get-Out-Of-Jail-FreeShe did not understand anything about the transactions. In the end when the bankers she protected had to plead guilty and return all the funds they stole, and then she exempted them from prison giving them their get out of jail free card. It was exactly like the ending in “The Big Short.” New York bankers never go to jail.

Mary Jo White has ALWAYS protected the establishment. That is what she is there for.