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There Are No Coincidences – Why History Repeats

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History Will Judge You

QUESTION: Martin Today is Palm Sunday. In mass, they said HE colluded with the Galilean’s. HE was found innocent by the Council. They said HE was a tax evader. HE was found innocent by new leadership. HE correctly predicted that HE would be denied by his own party 3 times. The corrupt crowd lobbied to release a murderer, and sentence an innocent man to his fate. My question is do cycles go beyond what is physical as with planets and the stars that wobble and rotate around our galaxy? Does it include emotional and human behavior cycles? Does history rhyme? If so, are we living in a matrix that has been programmed with numerous cycles? We can show that animal life is irreducibly complex and therefore predesigned. But, I am now wondering about if the psychic has been programmed with cycles too?

Do we truly have free will?


ANSWER: Your question is interesting. I have usually explained that history repeats because human nature never changes. Only technology does. Given the same circumstances, humans will ALWAYS respond in the same manner. Just examine the same facts and you will see how there is NEVER any rule of law. It does not matter what century, for it is always the same. It is all a joke. Whatever the desire of those in power, they will always manipulate the law to produce the desired outcome.

Deep State

Right now, just look at the government throwing Chelsea Manning in prison on contempt indefinitely, the $4.2 billion handed to Ecuador for Assange by the IMF, and then his immediate indictment and move for extradition. This is all a coordinated attack to launch against Trump for the 2020 election after the Mueller Report failed. There are NO COINCIDENCES when it comes to political maneuvers. You are watching history in the making. The Deep State is determined to get rid of Trump. They desperately want one of their own in power — a team player.