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India Joining Cashless Society – Pulling the Plug on Govt.

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Pulling Plug Gov

COMMENT: it is just chaos by politicians destroying the future. cashless society …how did u see this just amazing.I never thought it is coming to india as indians believed in hard MONEY sir.
thank you for your knowledge i think in future u should create an AI to help the people show the path. Coz there is no other way to see this except CYCLES.

We end up making same mistake over and over again.
G20 Photo

Prime Minister Narendra ModiREPLY: All governments talk. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now saying that a cashless society will end black money. He is on par with the rest of the political world. The prospect of a cashless society was discussed at the last G20 meeting. They want to eliminate cash worldwide and shut down tax havens. When you have actually worked behind the curtain, you come to realize how things really work. Those who make up conspiracy theories are usually biased. For decades, I have been told in meetings with many governments around the world that IF PEOPLE PAID THEIR TAXES THEY WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM RUNNING SOCIETY. This has been told to be so many times; it is the prayer they say at the foot of their bed before they go to sleep every night.

There really is nothing new from what they are doing now and the fall of the Roman Empire. The human emotions are the same. This is the ONLY reason I am doing what I am doing. If I acted only for myself, I would run to an island and trade from the beach. But I realize that government is like water in a bathtub. There will be no place to hide. History teaches us that. So the question becomes, how fast will this be over? I follow our models. Once the plug is pulled, everything will go down the drain very rapidly. We spend tens of millions of dollars recreating the world monetary system to answer the question: how fast do governments die?

Roman decline silver content monetary system - Armstrong Waterfall effect

Look at this chart of the fall of the Roman monetary system. The Persians captured Valerian I in 260 AD. His son Gallienus took over and the economy went into a massive wave of deflation after the people came to the realization that they were vulnerable and began to hoard money. As people hoard, as they are doing right now on a personal, corporate, and bank level (see Fed excess reserves), the economy turns down and that results in less tax revenue. Before, they debased the money for that was the means to increase the money supply to meet expenses. The bottom in the debasement unfolded in 268 AD. So while Rome lasted over 1,000 years, its monetary system collapsed in just 8.6 years. That was without internet, radio, or TV for communication.

Fed Excess Reserves

Those in power really do see us as the great unwashed who are clueless and hopeless without them. They fight against the invisible hand all the time, and they want to rule the world. I have met with many heads of state over the years. They all know about our computer. They always seem to want to know what it is saying. It is not that they follow it, but rather they call to keep an ear to the ground to see who is winning this eternal contest between the rulers and the great unwashed.