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Darwin – Hitler – Transgender

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QUESTION: Marty, it seems like this entire transgender stuff has been exploited. I agree that it was never an issue until someone pushed this in the face of everyone. Now, the UN is promoting transgender lesbians. Why would someone change their sex if they still like the opposite sex? This is becoming so confusing. If the transgenders are less than 0.5% of the population, then what is the UN spending money on this when it is probably 10% at best of this 0.5%? We have wars, and 8 to 10 million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine. However, transgender lesbians are still lesbians, which is more important than telling Zelensky to negotiate or try to resolve the Israeli-Hamas War.

You have said this is promoting an agenda to reduce population. Some suggest that this is all connected to the 19th-century European view that they were a superior race promoted by Hitler and the discrimination of races. This seems to be going over the top. Is all of this connected?


Darwin Origin of Species 1859

darwin_monkey 1874Darwin_as_an_ape_1871REPLY: Many people have no idea about the connection between Hitler and Darwin and how the Nazis targeted the first transgenders. Darwin had a very profound impact on 19th-century thinking. Of course, there was the religious conflict of evolving from monkeys. However, this was also behind Hitler’s search for an ancient Arian Race to counter Darwin.


The idea of a superior human race existed in Europe during the late 19th century. It appears to have arisen after Charles Darwin’s 1859 publication of the Origin of Species. While many people have argued that there has never been a missing link discovered to support Darwin, they do not understand that this was ALSO the motivation behind Hitler’s obsession with a superior ancient Arian race to counter Darwin’s theory that we evolved from monkeys. It was very curious, for this ancient Arian race was promoted by people claiming to be scientists. This was also the origin of the Nazis hating Jews, and they began to view different races as inferior.



Darwin Puck Magazine

1881 Human Zoo 1870 Human zoo poster

They even created human zoos as early as 1870. Darwin had set in motion this debate, and Ethnology studies emerged in Germany, taking an entirely new approach in the 1870s. They began to put humans on display, incorporating them into zoos. The scientists supported this as being educational. However, this was all about countering Darwin. These human zoos sparked many elite debates, but what emerged was the idea that Europeans had “evolved” into a superior race, and putting natives from distant lands on display in cages supported this idea.

These human zoos became the link between transgender and homosexuality. The first transgender operation was by Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld (1868 – 1935), a German physician specializing in sexology. He advocated for sexual minorities and founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee and the World League for Sexual Reform. This was said to have been the organization to have supported homosexual and transgender rights.

However, this concept of a mythical Arian race that existed in antiquity was a passion of Hitler, thanks to Darwin. Between May 1 and October 15, 1896, the Great Business Exhibition of Berlin occurred. It was there where this idea of an Arian race was made popular taking hold among some elites, for they created a human zoo as well where people from Germany’s colonies, such as New Guinea and Africa, were put on display for the visitors to gawk at.

The fascists targeted Hirschfeld and then the Nazis because he was Jewish but also gay. He was beaten severely in 1920, and in 1933, the Nazis sacked his organization and burned all his research and books. He fled Germany and was exiled to France, where he died in 1935.

I agree; this is all becoming so confusing it is hard to follow the logic of changing your sex to be still attracted to the opposite sex. Then there was the video of a guy who wanted to change his sex to be the first transgender to have an abortion. Nothing makes sense.


As I have said, Thailand is the sex change capital of the world. They do not demand that you can no longer define what a woman is, and mothers are now just birthing machines. In Thailand, they simply call themselves Ladyboys. They do not demand that everyone else must change pronouns and you cannot define what is a woman.

This transgender issue is turning up far more discrimination against this entire transgender agenda needlessly. It appears to be more directed at creating division than ending discrimination. It certainly has not reduced discrimination but it has increased it. Personally, I am offended to hear my mother is not a mother but some birthing machine. Now this offends the majority and that only leads to a backlash. This implies others have seized this issue for political reasons – not the gay community.