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Just to Let you Know Shortages of CASH Developing & Silver

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I went to the bank for other reasons, and since I was there, I asked for 10k in cash. They said I had to order it. I asked what they could give me, and they replied that there was a limit of 2k. I said I just wanted the cash in case of power grid failures, cyberattacks, and war. The bank teller said that is why everyone is asking for cash these days.

Then speaking to bullion dealers, they said people are coming in to sell their silver bullion coins from Russia. They said people are panicking and do not want to have silver bullion. Quite astonishing, if I do say.

I then ran and bought a spare laptop just in case for as this all continues, chips will vanish, and computers will end up like cars — selling for over list when you can even get them.