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Conspiracies Used to Hide the Truth?

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Conspiracy Theory 3


COMMENT: You are the first thing I read every morning. I like the fact that you avoid the conspiracy scenarios how Trump was going to send in troops and arrest everyone claiming this is not a drill. You are a voice of reason in the middle of this storm of chaos.

Thank you for Socrates.



REPLY:  We do not need conspiracy theories when we have AOC. Here is her Instagram post saying that the First Amendment needs to be repealed. She says that “disinformation” and “misinformation” has to be prevented — hence why BigTech loves her. They have censored COVID doctors who disagreed, Trump, and various Republicans. You can bet anyone who disagrees with the agenda of the New Green Deal will be censored for “misinformation” because only she is correct.

Climate Change Clock


It is obvious that the world must end in seven years because that is now what the clock in New York City has declared. Clearly, that is the only truth!

All the nonsense that Trump secretly signed the Insurrection Act and was going to even arrest the VP was possibly started by people who really believed that. Creating fake news is part of the playbook for psychological warfare. They deliberately create wild stories to HIDE the real truth. Just look at this “siege” of Capitol Hill. It was staged and has been used to paint anyone who voted for Trump as crazy. You have the Capitol police opening the doors, men who were obviously on a strategic mission to take laptops, perhaps for future use as blackmail, dressed in hoodies and masks so they could not be identified.


If I were Trump, I would pardon everyone that was there unless if they were not affiliated with the LEFT and they committed a direct act that harmed anyone and strips all persons of immunity in the process. People taking selfies should not be sent to prison for 10 years when this was obviously an act that people in government were involved in and may have even encouraged.

I disagree with Trump! We are not a nation of laws. We are a nation of SELECT PROSECUTION. Never has a banker gone to prison after any of the major scandals. The banks pay multimillion-dollar fines that they could never get from an individual. They can prosecute every person in the country. Even if you think you have never violated any law, you did, and ignorance is not an excuse. I saw Muslims prosecuted during 9/11 on money laundering claims because they paid off one credit card with another. I saw a Vietnam vet prosecuted as a felon in possession of a weapon/ammunition because he had an empty shell from the war he drilled a hole in and wore as a necklace. Judges rarely defend the people. They are typically just rubber stamps of prosecutors.