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Christmas in 1914 – Soldiers Defied Their Governments And Shared a Truce

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No matter what country we are from, we are all the same. Those in power make wars if not against each other than against “we the people” to further their power. Those who are against the people always pretend we are too stupid to understand what is best.  The definition of tyranny was once limited to the power being concentrated in the hands of one person. These are the real fools today for they think they are in control, but they have been manipulated and cannot see the future they are supporting. The tyranny today is embodied in an unfounded idea of climate change caused by people and the population must be reduced and racism prevails to reduce the races they see as inferior.

History will repeat. Just look at Athens and the rise of democracy which was against people. After losing the Peloponnesian War, Sparta imposed an oligarchy that ruled Athens as a virtual occupying government. Thirty commissioners were appointed to the oligarchy, which was extremists led by Critias. Their oppressive regime fostered a bloody purge, in which perhaps 1,500 residents were killed. Anyone who disagreed with their decrees was arrested just like today for protesting or not wearing a mask. Many moderates fled the city just as we once again are witnessing as people are fleeing New York City and California — i.e., Goldman Sachs moving to Florida & Elon Musk leaving California for Texas. The flight from California promises that the last non-leftist should turn out the lights. Those who fled gathered a force and returned with a vengeance to defeat the tyrants’ forces in a battle at Piraeus in 403 BC. The 30 fled and were killed off over the next few years.

Tyranny is still the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control, be it in the hands of one or a group of tyrants who see themselves as better than everyone else. These tyrants of today should look to history. They will find themselves chased from their lofty seats of power and will be lucky if they retain their heads.