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Why & When Will the West Crash & Burn?

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Marx ten commandments socialism

COMMENT: Hello Martin
Thank you for your reply when I asked about your reports for the individual country analysis.
Yes, it would seem that the Marxist agenda is in full swing, certainly in Scotland. I tell everyone I can about what the real agenda is, economic collapse, totalitarian control, but most of the time I am met with a blank stare. You can only try your best.
You said that the Marxist agenda will fail/implode. What worries me is the damage that will have been created before they fail. Do you believe that draconian measures will be implemented in UK/Scotland? I know that their will be food shortages and the price of petrol is slowly creeping up. What else do you think we should prepare for? Electricity outages, interruptions to the water supply? This is a fight for survival. They will not win but we must prepare for what they will throw at us before they collapse.
Thank you and hope you’re having a relaxing weekend


Smith Invisible Hand

REPLY: This is how the financial capital moves from the West to Asia. No matter what you show these people, their personal jealously rules no matter what. I find it incredibly interesting how this is one of the Ten Commandments, which is also found in other ancient religions including the Egyptian Book of the Dead as an evil and a prohibition.

What they will NEVER get through their head is that human nature cannot be changed. Confiscating all the wealth and trying to redistribute this utterly destroys the economy. This would eliminate human entrepreneurship and innovation, which is what creates the economy as Adam Smith observed. Centralized government control and nationalizing industries destroys the economy because all governments are incapable of creating innovation. NEVER has government EVER been able to create productive jobs and manage the economy.

History Repeat Copy

This will be the GRAND COLLAPSE and this scheme will only destroy western culture and divide the world. It will be like the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. There, people could no longer speak a common language and were incapable of completing any task. This is an important parable for what we see is the inability to communicate philosophically, which will render their Utopian dream a complete disaster.



We all get our brief historical period of fame. We will witness the collapse after 2032 and the shift to Asia. We are looking at 2028 as the start of the major collapse which should take just 4.3 years from that target date. The collapse will most likely take place more like the demise of Yugoslavia whereby it split according to religion but this time there will also be political philosophy. As Western Society begins to buckle at the knees going into 2028, we should expect to see a draconian attempt to retain power starting in 2024.