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They are Desperate to Steal the Election from Trump as Europe Goes 100% into the Great Reset

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COMMENT: Dear Mr. Amstrong,

Even in The Netherlands, the agenda is out in the open. This article states that only another COVID-19 lockdown makes it possible to reach some of those 2020 climate goals. What a coincidence: a few days later they are telling us the partial lockdown is expanded and extended, probably for the rest of the year.

These politicians are puppets of Schwab, Gates and Soros. In the end they will kill more people then Hitler and Stalin did. At least those dictators of the past did it out in the open so everyone could see they are evil.

Kind regards


10 31 2020 Johnson Suspends Mortgages 1024x624

REPLY: They are extremely well funded. They have infiltrated everywhere in the West. Soros is forcing his open society which is really a one-world government, Gates is getting his climate change and population reduction by restricting the food supply, and Schwab is getting his new communist world order he has been pushing as stakeholder economics and the entire lot is being sold as the Great Reset.

Elected politicians are moving into the authoritarian mode, they will suspend elections killing democracy, we are the great unwashed, too stupid to understand what is best for us. Boris Johnson has implemented Guaranteed Basic Income for Britain. Everyone will get 80% of their wages and he has suspended all mortgage payments for 6 months. This is the end of banking, it is the end of capitalism, freedom, and the West has fully embraced Marxism.

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Boris knows what he is doing. He is deliberately destroying small businesses because they employ 70% of the civil workforce. He is handing out welfare (Guaranteed Basic Income). suspending all debts which undermined the entire banking system. By sheer force, he is creating a communist revolution and the police are so stupid, they are carrying out his orders destroying their own family’s future.

11 2 2020 Dead People Voting

In the United States, they are pulling out all the stops to ensure they steal this election from Trump. They caught a guy in Florida registering dead people for Biden. The same is taking place around the country.

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I fear that the only outcome will be a Civil War at this point. While Trump should win, I deeply fear this election will be so corrupt that they will steal it from him to subjugate the United States as they are doing in Europe and then use the military might threatening China and Russia to comply with their new one-world government centered in the United Nations to comply with Climate Change demands. They are destroying everything for this Great Reset ending fossil fuels and controlling population growth.