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The Second Motive of the Migrant Crisis Revealed

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Dollar Beat Up

I revealed how Democrats planned the deliberate invasion of America to secure votes for socialistic policies. There is a second motive that is not largely understood, but it becomes apparent when you follow the money. In particular, follow the dollar.

The dollar’s purchasing power is significantly less than it was a few short years ago. Americans understand that inflation is here to stay, and the cost of living far outpaces what they earn. Americans mourned the American dream and are living in survival mode. During private waves, when the public turns away from the government, people hoard their money. The American people no longer revere the USD and are turning away from all government investments. They see the value of their dollar declining every time they go to the store, pay their mortgage, or glimpse at their bank account. Tax season highlights the misuse of government funds as we are taxed every time we look at the dollar.

You know who does revere the dollar? Everyone living outside of America, especially the people in third world countries who still place the dollar on a pedestal because its purchasing power far outweighs their own national currency. Migrants are not following the American dream to build a new life; rather, they are following the dollar.

Fiat Money

Now, our fiat currency could easily be exposed for being worth less than the public perception. “Money” is merely worth its associated cost. Most people blame the Federal Reserve for they are led to believe that it is the Fed that creates trillions of dollars to use for every outlandish spending package. The Federal Reserve simply prints more money when demanded by monetary and fiscal policies on a small scale. The bulk of the real money supply is US government debt, which has become cash that pays interest. The dollar remains the strongest currency in circulation, for now, but it does not have the same strength as it once did because all governments are cascading toward a sovereign debt crisis when there is NO BID for government debt.

The migrants provide the illusion of a stronger dollar and a reason to print in continuation to meet the monetary policies enacted under Biden. Furthermore, the migrants are provided with free housing, health care, food, and all other living expenses in order to perpetuate the concept of a strong Democratic Party. If they were permitted to work, they would see that their wages would not take them far. They have no concept of American taxation. Therefore, the second motive behind the deliberate invasion of America is entwined with the declining purchasing power of the USD, but they also need bodies for World War III. They will offer citizenship in return for military service. If what the migrants were getting, which is nearly $2,000 a month just in food and medicine, they would suddenly see that they could not possibly live with no trade and language skills. The Democrats are getting their just due, for a growing proportion are coming from the Middle East and Africa who neither share American values nor just may not be soldier quality.