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The Rise of the Left

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Dollar All Roads

I work as a Professor of Surgery and read your blog every day. I’ve worked all over the world and remain intrigued by the changes your model is now predicting. Here in Ireland, we’ve seen a massive move towards the left with the recent general election results. Capital is fleeing in advance of a new left-wing government. Do you see this throughout Europe or will Britain remain immune from this change?
Many thanks

ANSWER: Yes. This shift to the left is really coming to a head and has been a primary mover for a capital flight to the dollar. The general view has been that Trump will win and this has given support to the US dollar, which is why the US economy has been the only thing to hold up right now.

The British economy will also hang in there and the best thing they could have done was to exit the EU. Europe will shift more to the left and Greenpeace has become a threat to the European economy just as Goldman Sachs was back in 2007.

We are involved in a period where the economic instabilities of past socialistic policies and unfunded pensions will push the left to be much more aggressive because they are losing ground. This is really the same pattern that emerged before the collapse in communism both in China and Russia. It was not some brilliant strategy from the USA, it was plain and simple economics that took down communism. We face the same thing here with socialism. They will get very aggressive in a desperate attempt to keep their dream alive.