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Is Socialism Dying?

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QUESTION: Good day Marty. Thanks for your work and assistance at trying to remain sane during these times. Question; you’ve stated many times that socialism is dying. From where I sit it appears the opposite. Do you think these are the signs of an extinction burst, or do we expect even more insanity ultimately leading to the complete loss of freedom and liberty at the hands of these lunatics?

Thanks, be well and please live long!!


ANSWER: It is dying because the social programs can no longer be funded from pensions to the size of government employment. Because this is dying, it also results in aggressive fighting back in the system to try to save it. In part, this has been the intense hatred of Trump, and the Democrats feel they must take the White House to save their agenda. Consequently, the rise in activity is the direct result of it declining. If nothing was at risk, there would be no need for this intense rise in resistance. So they are reacting ONLY because it is failing. We see this in Europe where they are moving to cancel all currency to force people back to the banks where they will be charged negative interest rates for daring to save.

Sixth WaveECM

Unfortunately, we have the last twelve years left. Marxism never works. They have tried it so many times. It fails because they try desperately to change human nature. They constantly portray someone having more than they do as evil and unjust. We are all created equal in rights, but not in talents. Some people faint at the sight of blood and others can be doctors. Some are great athletes and others can’t run 20 yards. We should see the end of Marxism with the collapse of governments beginning in 2032 moving into 2037/2038.