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Americans Think the Great Reset is just Pro-Trump Rhetoric

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In the United States, we have not reached this level of outrage among the public. It will come – eventually. But Americans are for the most part oblivious to the real agenda behind this entire grand scheme to alter the world economy to impose the Great Reset. The majority of Americans cannot see beyond Republican v Democrat and simple party politics which have dominated the American scene for decades. Mainstream media is fully on board and they have been bashing Trump because they have already signed on to Schwab’s new world order where he admits the capitalism must be really destroyed which he uses the world “Reimagine” to cover up the very same promises of Karl Marx.

People just elected to Congress go through orientation and they are told then and there that they are to vote with the Party. Someone can run for election making all sorts of promises and NEVER deliver because their personal opinion has no bearing and that goes for either party. They think this  Great Reset is just anti-Democratic rhetoric. Unfortunately, Americans will be slow to wake up in comparison to the rest of the world. Even 70% of Americans believe reduced CEO compensation is the number one step to avoid layoffs. They really have no clue as to how much economic damage has been created by this COVID-19 response.



The “Great Lockdown” has been a strategy imposed by Schwab’s World Economic Forum, World Bank, IMF, Gates Foundation, Soros, and all the United Nations’ subdivisions including the World Health Organization that has nothing to do with climate change. Americans are oblivious to the real agenda. The vast majority of employment does not come from big companies. Cutting bonuses and salaries for board members of the big organizations will not turn the economy around. Small businesses are vanishing quietly. Those who have not formally declared bankruptcy have closed their operations when their leases were due because they at least had no debt. Those with debt have gone into bankruptcy. Data on small business has been very bad because the only people who have paid attention to them has been the IRS.

The US Chamber of Commerce has reported that still, most small businesses are concerned about financial hardship due to prolonged closures (70%). An then, more than half worry about having to permanently close (58%).

This is the real price of this “Great Lockdown” to further this Great Reset. Of course, our models warn that the economic damage is so profound, that the world economy will continue to contract into 2022.