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The Great Alignment & 2020

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ECM 2011 2020 Detailed R 300x255

QUESTION: Hi Marty, are the current political events in Hong Kong linked to the turning point for Hong Kong especially with regards to the currency peg?
Thanks for all your work


ANSWER: This turning point in the ECM on January 2020 appears to be the turn in public confidence on a global scale. Much of what I write about from false flags to civil asset forfeitures are all issues that are blending together in undermining the confidence in governments. This next wave should be inflationary. That also means we should be in a position where people lose confidence in government, but the central banks are trapped and the pros are starting to see that as well. With Lagarde replacing Draghi, we will see a shift in confidence in Europe as a whole as well.

Great Alignment

The financial market will respond accordingly. This is also why we have gold and equities rising together. I warned that this is what must unfold for the next cycle. I have called this the Great Alignment. These trends are not based upon my personal opinion. That is just not analysis from my perspective. Science is the process of experiment and proof — not conjecture and assumptions.