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The Numbers

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Reversals Timing

QUESTION: Marty; your numbers are just incredible. Your number 17800 I thought would be elected. The Dow was above it and looked like it was preparing to take off. To watch this market fall back yet close just below it is amazing. Regardless of the market, it will always gravitate toward your numbers like magnets or some compelling invisible force. Since we avoided the buy signal in the Dow for the month, what now?

ANSWER: I understand that many people hate my guts because the numbers are the numbers. I have had to endure allegations of manipulating the world economy because of the accuracy of these Reversal numbers. These same people refuse to accept the possibility that markets are not random and are extremely precise in their movement. That means they cannot be manipulated long-term as the trend cannot change nor can government proclaim vote for so-and-so and he will change everything. That is what we are really talking about here. It is much deeper than simply failing to close above 17800 in the Dow. The implications are highly profound.

This is why Brussels will collapse as well and why Western civilization will lose the crown of the financial capital of the world. The more they fight the trend, the bigger the fall. Japan promised to support the NIKKEI when it began to crash. People looked to government to save them. We ended up having to bailout almost 300 major companies in Japan because of their wrongly placed faith in government. Nothing can be manipulated to save society or to compel its destruction. That is what our Reversal System has proven for decades.

The next big turning point in the Dow will be September. We will put out a special report because this is becoming very interesting and extremely important.