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The Absence of Randomness = Hidden Order

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I found your comments and observation that there is nothing which acts in a pure state of randomness. Do you believe absolutely everything is predetermined?

Hillary Fighting for us'

ANSWER: DNA analysis can tell you what your traits are and what diseases you may develop. Everything is predetermined by a code within the fabric of the universe. Nothing can be purely random. If that were the case, then what is there to stop our planet from suddenly revolving around Jupiter?

The press fails to understand that the people are electing Trump and Bernie, not because of them personally, but because they are angry at the system. Why? Politicians have been mismanaging the government for 50 years.

Socialism has resulted in a declining living standard. At the beginning, women were more likely to be the stay-at-home-mom type. Yes, they won the right to work. Now, the tax rate requires two incomes to make ends meet. Women in the process lost the right to stay home. Hillary wants to demand equal pay for women and blames the private sector. However, she never addresses what has taken place in taxation. The press completely misses the point when they personalize things and attack Trump for something he has said. We are always distracted from the issue that is at the core. The years of lies and corruption have set the tone, and this pattern always leads to revolution. It is predetermined and NOT A SINGLE GOVERNMENT has ever beaten this cycle. It is just inevitable.


Bulls-BearsI have explained that markets rise and fall. This is the mechanism by which everything functions. When one side becomes dominant, it provides the fuel to the opposite direction and follows the same movement of a pendulum. They will demand it is a manipulation of some sort, which will result in investigations since the Panic of 1907 began on that same notion. Never in history have these witch hunts found that mythical short position that overpowered the markets. The assumption that even the banks can systemically suppress gold or silver to prevent it from ever rising implies that markets must be random, which is just not true. They confuse front-running and electing stops by bankers as systemic manipulation.

Their delusion puts them in the same camp as Marx and Keynes as they claim power exists to manipulate the entire world. This theory cannot be real, since, as they explain in physics class, there are laws and “God does not play dice with the universe,” as Einstein put it.  Pure randomness is IMPOSSIBLE. Anything someone may think is random can be observed, studied, and shown to be connected to everything else.

Obama Change We Can Believe In

Obviously, Marxism and Keynesianism is based on the assumption that it is all random and can be manipulated at will. “Vote for me and I will tax the rich to make your life better” is the mantra of government. “Change” is always the favorite slogan, demonstrating that people are never actually happy. Why run to change if things are not broken? How can a politician run for office promising change when they cannot change anything that alters the trend?

The absence of total randomness = hidden order waiting to be discovered.