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Constructing a Future

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Our models have been targeting 2018 for the last 30 years as the first potential year for a monetary crisis and reform. There was a shot that we could have doubled the Dow and everything would have bottomed on the first potential, such as gold in 2013 to 2014, and then turn up into that target. But the markets have been dragging this affair out so long that it looks like this is the beginning rather than the end point, and the real chaos is just extending into the next 8.6-year cycle. This is why we have the Reversal System, for it provides the numbers we have to achieve to confirm the trend. Just as we missed the 17800 on the Dow for the close of May, everything happens for a reason.

The vast majority remains bearish on the Dow, and, of course, the gold promoters always say the dollar is worthless, but their forecasts have not changed for decades. The Dow has all these people claiming it is overvalued and has to crash. Then we have Fed watchers who just focus on domestic numbers and ignore the entire world trend.
It is clear that everything is within a staging position in preparation for something really big. While so many say this is the end of the world and everything will go to zero, such events have never corresponded to their scenarios in history.

The most likely course of action has not changed. When confidence in government collapses among the GENERAL MASS PUBLIC, everything will breakout. Listening or convincing oneself about fiscal mismanagement of government is nice, but the general population is what counts. They are the movers and shakers. We merely jump to their actions.

Reversals TimingSo the computer gives us the numbers and the time. They simply have to be elected to confirm a trend. All I can do is articulate the points and then say here are the points and the time.

What we are facing is nothing anyone has ever experienced. So it is not going to be easy to come up with some “gut feeling” or opinion that matters. Whatever we “think” will or will not happen is irrelevant. Everything is changing. Financial analysts are failing everywhere. Hedge funds are losing money. The only way to trade is with something definitive without the personal opinion.

The days of searching for some guru who is never wrong from an opinion perspective are gone and only fools seek such ideals. We are heading into the eye of a financial storm that will topple governments. The future is being constructed before our eyes if we wake up and just look. The hardheads always lose everything because they are too stubborn and incapable of adjusting their investment strategy. Those looking to buy growth or value in equities will also lose their shirt for this is not a normal trading affair.