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Vancouver Sold Out! Another Showing Set for May 23-24

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In Vancouver, Canada, “The Forecaster” has sold out. This has been the most attended documentary film that has ever taken place. In Germany, it has reached almost blockbuster levels with the number of theaters now showing the film. I had a night off, so I went to the movies to watch a new AI film “Ex Machine”. It was very strange to go to the movies and see a trailer for “The Forecaster”.

The Vancouver performance sold out. They have made the decision to show the movie again under “The Best of Doxa Documentaries” on May 23-24, 2015. Tickets will go on sale May 11, 2015.

The response has been outstanding everywhere this film has been shown. That is very encouraging. I truly hope this helps to push back against the economic tyranny that is underway.