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The FORECASTER Internet Showing April 30th and May 6th

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There will be a very unusual and special showing of the film, which is a VOD screening. The price has to be $49.95 because they cannot compete with the movie theaters. After the theatrical showings are complete, then it will go down to a normal showing price and the DVD will be available probably in sometime in the fall.

Given the huge disparity between Europe and America in allowing the film to be shown, the producers have agreed to allow a one-time limited viewing on the internet between April 30th and May 6th. This really is limited, as it will be blocked if you reside in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or France. The film opens there in 70 cities next month.

I had met with someone from Hollywood. They said it was a fantastic film, but they get their funding for movies from the bankers. I was also told that they exercise self-censorship. It appears that the US is nowhere close to free speech, as they would like to pretend to the rest of the world.

This movie has been under pressure not to be shown in the USA where it just might cause political kickback again for the market manipulators. I have been told that they want to show the film in Russia, but are waiting for clearance there since it involved how Putin came to power.

The film was extended in London because of the demand, and it has gotten ratings in Europe up to a 10. It will appear on European TV at the end of the year. So, New York can try their best to stop the film. The producers even had their offices broken into and cameras stolen during production. There were characters who tried to start a panic at the debut in Amsterdam yelling, “Get out! Get out!” as if there was a fire. Then there were the people who went on YouTube and posted comments on the trailer that nobody should see this film. The producers put up their website at first, found it under attack, and shut it down.

The efforts to stop this film have been amazing. Yet, the government was asked many times to appear and give their side. Nobody would ever comment. They then had the hurdle of obtaining Error & Omission Insurance. You cannot show a film without such insurance. Teams of independent lawyers had to review everything. It was not good enough that someone would just say something. It had to be proven right down to reviewing emails the receiver sent demanding the source code.

Filming Movie 4

So it has been an amazing battle to make this film. So many of our clients put up with the cameras for three years in the making around the world. After arguing that Americans should be allowed to see the film, the producers have agreed.

This documentary is by no means just about me. From the outset, I told them I would agree to participate in such a film ONLY if it portrayed the truth. I was not interested in a “poor me” type film since I have obviously moved on. This is about the real dark forces that are rampantly spewing over corruption on Wall Street to Washington. This is a film that will hopefully show that this is far beyond what most people consider in today’s geopolitical world.

I have been called “The Legend” and “The man who knew too much”. I seem to have been in the middle of an economic storm since the 1970s that has taken over the world in ways mainstream media will never report. When Ayn Rand published Atlas Shrugged, the mainstream media called it the worst book ever published, for it countered their socialistic agenda post-Depression. So by this standard, I suppose I am in good company with American reviews from the east coast that will support the bankers all the way.

The documentary film, entitled “The Forecaster” will air between April 30th and May 6th via an exclusive link for viewing. It will eventually appear in some commercial theaters in the States. When? Not sure, but it will not be in every city, as it seems to be in Germany.

We in no way participate in any revenue. So this is not something we sell. You must purchase a ticket to see the video from the producers. All proceeds of ticket sales will go to the producers’ film company to be reinvested in distribution of the film to get the message out.

Due to agreements with film distributors in Europe, this private web airing of “The Forecaster” is blocked if you reside in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or France. It will be playing in theaters in those countries.

Otherwise, to secure an exclusive streaming of The Forecaster, simply click on the link below. Further details will be emailed to you as the date of the screening approaches from the producer, not our firm.