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Funding the Movie

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Forecaseter - Martin Armstrong


Hi Martin,

I have been a fan of yours for a long time and congratulations on the Forecaster going to the big screen. Although I am just a small fish in a big pond, I am sure that I am not alone among you many readers. Have you thought about letting the throngs of us help pay for the distribution and production by using some of the newer fund raising techniques invented by Silicon Valley?  i would be happy to be a small investor and using some grass roots sunding mechanisms would be awesome from my perspective.



I will ask tomorrow. All I currently know is that they are raising private funds to cover the cost, and those who contribute will receive a percentage of the revenue. The producer is someone who shares the importance of this issue, which is important to me. There is no point if it is slanted to support the banks.

I do not know the details, as I have not been involved in these films in that way. What I do know is that banks often provide the funding. They obviously would not fund this one. I will try to explore if there is some mechanism. I know they typically do such deals for movies, and people buy in to such projects in London. All I can do is try to find out if there is an opportunity.

Europeans are organizing the production; that much I can say. I believe that name actors will participate in the film for the same reasons. Nothing is better at engaging the public than a fictional film – and just maybe, to push back against the tide.